MiCloud presents a true virtual computing environment, allowing you to use web service interfaces to launch instances with a variety of operating systems.  Pricing is per instance-minute consumed for each instance, from the time an instance is launched until it is terminated.
  1. Features
  2. Operating Systems
  3. Appliances
  4. Resources
MiCloud Management Console gets your jobs done.
  • 。Create machine in minutes
  • 。Dedicated IP address
  • 。Network, CPU and Disk usage graphs
  • 。Access via SSH keys
  • 。Add and remove extra resources to your machines
  • 。Clone a MiCloud to another
  • 。Multiple IP addresses support
  • 。Provide Cloud API
  • 。Unbuntu 10.04
  • 。Unbuntu 12.04
  • 。Fedora 14
  • 。Fedora 17
  • 。Debian 6.05
  • 。CentOS 5.7
  • 。CentOS 6.3
  • 。SmartOS Standard32
  • 。SmartOS Standard64
  • 。SmartOS32
  • 。SmartOS64
  • 。SmartOS32 + Riak
  • 。SmartOS32 + Percona
  • 。SmartOS32 + Nodejs
  • 。SmartOS32 + MySQL
  • 。SmartOS + Mongodb
  • 。SmartOS64 + Hadoop
  • 。Windows Server 2008R2 Standard
  • 。Windows Server 2008R2 Enterprise
Microsoft Products
  • 。SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition
  • 。SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition
  • 。Office 2012 Standard Edition
  • 。Office 2012 Professional Plus Edition
  • 。SharePoint Server 2010 Standard Edition
  • 。SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition
  • 。Exchange 2010 Standard Edition
  • 。Exchange 2010 Enterprise Edition
Riverbed Stingray
  • 。Standard Load Balancer
  • 。SME Load Balancer
  • 。Enterprise Load Balancer
  • 。Web Application Firewall
We offer basic volume to our customers for free. We charge 50 NTD per 10GB for each month.
API -- Free
The MiCloud API is a programmatic interface into many of the MiCloud Manager's features. The API has been expanded to incloud not only analytics functions, but also MiCloud creation, control and deletion.
Image -- Free
Image Service Management is a new innovation. You can restore your machine from image. You don't have spend a lot of time to install same software or setup any configuration. Also, you can create a same environment from image quickly to solve online ticket system and a wave of panic buying.
Snapshot -- Free
One click to take backup service and to start protectioning your machine. We offer 3 times for each machine, without additional cost.
DNS -- Free
DNS automates and simplifies Domain Name System management. Quickly and easily mainpulate existing DNS maanger, or create A records.
Monitor -- Free
You can monitor a specific machine, at any frequency. MiCloud monitor collects and reports for CPU usage, memory usage and disk space usage from each machines at a five-minute frequency.
Web Load Balancer -- Coming soon
The MiCloud RD team is constantly innovating and offering new features. Web Load Balancer automatically distributes incoming traffic across multiple virtual machines. By distributing incoming traffic over one or more backends, either backends are not in MiCloud. Web Load Balancer feature releases include 7 strategies:Round Robin, Weighted Round Robin, Perceptive, Least Connections, Weighted Least Connections, Fastest Response Time and Random Node.